How much do Wedding Planners in India Usually Charge for their Services?

Wedding planners in India are looked as a looters but as you have asked this question I would like to tell you how we go ahead with our costings.

Firstly it depends on the location of the wedding. If it is a location where whatever you want is easily available then the cost falls drastically, but if its a remote place like a farmhouse where the nearest market is around 10-15kms away, then that pushes up the cost.

Following that is the decor- it is very subjective, from an upwards of 20lakh for a customised setup. The food, hospitality and invites along with designing are all variable costs. All in all there is no particular costing for a wedding planner. The wedding budget can be under Rs 10 lakh to cost into a few crores.

A good wedding planner will plan all your events according to your budget. A lot of planners also work as a one stop solution, especially for small-scale budget weddings, many planners provide all inclusive packages or charge a flat fee.

Destination weddings could have additional expenses incurred if the wedding planning team is travelling too, especially if it is abroad. A lot of wedding planners also offer ‘consultation services’ about venues, hotels, locations and reliable vendors for a nominal cost starting at Rs 20,000 so you can go ahead and plan yourselves, but with useful inputs.

Planners in India charges based on the kind of work they do. In India, planners acts as consultant, planner and coordinator. So, they generally choose the percentage fee which is somewhere between 10-25% of the budget they work on. If the client hires the planner only for coordination, flat fee is preferred. X amount of money will be paid for the coordination.

There are a number of wedding planners who can work magic in any budget but a good planner can charge anywhere between Rs 2,50,000 to Rs 4,00,000 per event. It also depends on how elaborate you want your functions to be, the grander the event, the higher the charge.

Giving an exact figure for a wedding is quite difficult because a wedding cost will vary according to the budget of an individual. If you want to do a lavish wedding or a big fat wedding then the cost will automatically increase but to shift your wedding burden to an Indian wedding consultant. With the help of an event planner, one can arrange a fabulous wedding.

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